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I Am Spellbound

I don’t know how new or indie they are – they seem to have a decent following for an Italian Goth band – but they are new to ME, so I’m sharing the awesome that is Lacuna Coil with you. “Spellbound” (video above) is at the top of my play list at the moment, and their haunting cover of “Enjoy the Silence” is a nice change of pace from the endless Cure and Smiths covers that are a staple of so many goth bands these days. Also, they sound a bit like Evanescence, which I consider a plus since that band isn’t doing much of note these days.

Listen and enjoy!

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St. Patrick’s Soundtrack

Way back in the day when MTV still played music videos, they used to devote the whole day to playing music by Irish musicians. This was always fun, because Ireland has gifted us with some true musical genius, like U2. But the best part was listening to songs you had forgotten about, or hearing a song you like and going “hey, I didn’t know that band was Irish!” So, here’s my own really short version. Have a pint of Guinness for me while you listen.

Elvis Costello – Pump It up (Wow, if I was on American Idol, I could have performed for “songs from the year you were born”.)

Enya – The Celts

The Cranberries – Salvation

The Corrs – Breathless

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The most covers ever?

I don’t actually have time to research this right now, but it certainly SEEMS like “How Soon Is Now?” is the most covered song ever. Or at least the most covered goth rock song. With The Cure’s “Lovesong” being a close second. I’m pretty sure it’s a written rule somewhere that every goth band must record a cover of “How Soon Is Now?” at some point in their career. Or maybe it’s just because the song is so damn awesome and easy to make your own. I used it for an audition last year. (The T.A.T.U. arrangement posted above, in fact.) I think I rocked it. Maybe I’ll record some kind of YouTube video of me singing it sometime and you can judge for yourself. In meantime, enjoy the video above.

Actually, as a side story – I didn’t know the name of this song for the longest time, and back in the days before internet, MP3’s, and Sirius, I actually spent several weeks picking up every Smiths CD I could find until I found the song. It took me awhile, but I did end up with a pretty cool Smiths collection for awhile there. Speaking of The Smith’s, have you heard “Something is Squeezing My Skull” off the latest Morrissey album? It’s pretty damn awesome, too.


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Indie Music Pick – Gentleman Junkie

David and I first saw Gentleman Junkie on our first trip to a goth club out in Riverside called Club Skandal. We were really impressed with their sound, which reminds me a bit of Depeche Mode meets Scooter, with sometimes a heavier industrial influence. The track above is on the Depeche Mode end of the spectrum, and one of those tracks I could see doing well on KROQ if they ever got that kind of exposure.  We’ve since gone to gigs they’ve done at a couple other LA clubs, and even when the crowd wasn’t maybe the best match, they’ve delivered a good set, putting as much energy into  a gig where it seemed like we were the only ones dancing, to the ever packed patio of Bar Sinister. If you’re looking for some fresh goth or electronica tracks, they’d be a great band to check out.

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What is “Plantman”?

He’s the man who knows where the plants will grow.

For anyone wandering here from Smartly wondering what I’m talking about at the end of my post, or anyone who remembers this episode of “Beavis and Butthead”, or anyone who likes making their friends listen to horrible songs that will be stuck in your head FOREVER! (Yes, forever. You have been warned.)

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For some reason, it’s hard to find electronica on normal radio stations. At least here in Southern California. Up until a couple years ago, you could at least rely on Indie 103 to deliver The Crystal Method’s weekly show, as well as a good deal of club worthy ear candy on the regular rotation. Sadly, when it comes to stations like KROQ, you’re lucky to get the occasional Fatboy Slim or NIN track. More mainstream top 40 stations will, of course, yield perfectly passable Lady Gaga or Justin Timberlake tracks, but certainly nothing remix-y. It is an unfortunate state of affairs that Paul Oakenfold, VNV Nation, and Scooter have not at least reached Moby or Chemical Brother status among the American masses.

So I was really happy when the last car we bought came equiped with Sirius preloaded, as well as 6 months of service. After just a couple of months, I was hooked. The cost is relatively cheap on a per month basis, and they’ve got not one, not two, but THREE channels devoted to modern dance, ranging from radio friendly dance tracks to the downright head spining hour long sets by Armin Van Buuren. My personal favorite is Channel 36 (BPM) because I discover alot of random dance track remixes that are actually downloadable on Rhapsody. (Occasionally DJ’s like Paul Oakenfold will also post their shows on the interwebs for you to download, but that can be hard to track down sometimes.)

So, that’s my tip of the day – up with satellite radio, down with corporate radio nonsense. (Also, watch the video above because it is awesome and is one of my favorite YouTube channels.)

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