After years of running a blog about nothing and numerous blogs about various specific subjects ranging from food reviews to goth culture, we’ve decided to open a one stop shop for all our thoughts, artistic projects, reviews, and whatever else we’d like to share with the rest of the world. What’s our kind of stuff? A little bit of this, a little bit of that – we like to travel, we like to try new food, we’re both lifelong freaks and geeks, with a passion for music and movies and games of all sorts. Why not pour yourself a drink, settle into a comfy chair, and make yourself at home? Leave a comment. Let’s have a conversation or a spirited debate. Because that’s our kind of stuff.

Previous Blogs –

Our previous main  blog, Pererro.com, was syndicated by Newstex and made it into a few blog directories back in the day. It ran for many years and its readership and contributors expanded and contracted quite a bit during that time. We also were among the administrators on the Festering Swamp, which at one point was the number two blog on Journalspace.

We are both contributors to The Smartly SoCal.

David N. Scott

David has been writing literally as long as he can remember, but it took a lot of encouragement for him to start finishing stories and actually submitting them. He has been working on a sci-fi novel for almost six years now and thinks he may be on a final draft, and when he can fight back the corporate machine he works on some short stories, as well.

His publications include the below as well as one article in the now-defunct Shadow Sacrament.

“The Worst Planet in the Universe” in The First Line

“A Day in the Park” on 8763 Wonderland

“Theorem” on Toasted Cheese

Julie Scott AKA BurgandySkies

Julie has had some kind of artistic project going on since she was a kid, either her own or helping out with someone else’s. From choir to drama club to painting to writing to photography to playing bass for an 80s themed cover band to copyediting for actual monetary compensation –  she’s dabbled in a little bit of everything. If you live in Southern California you may have read one of the OC Weekly issues she copyedited. On the web, you may have previously read her contributions to Pererro, Chasing Neverland, or Gothtastic. None of which are accessable now. But you CAN read her postings up on The Smartly SoCal page (www.thesmartlysocal.com) Or you can read an awesome poem she wrote about her love for turn of the century literature here: “Young Adventure” on Hemingway’s Shotgun.

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