Round Table Pizza Buffet

I had the Round Table Pizza Buffet last week. Now, Round Table is one of my favorite pizza places, but due to it being about twice as much as, say, Shakey’s, I do not eat there too often. I think they have some of the best crust around and they have great cheese and breadsticks, but Mojo Potatoes make a decent substitute and there’s no fried chicken available at Round Table. Now, I don’t eat Shakey’s chicken that much (except at their buffet), but it is good.

However, there is a great alternative to playing a bunch of money for Round Table, which is the pizza buffet! For about $7 you get a full pizza buffet and a drink. Compare this, mind, to the $40 plus it tends to cost to feed out little family of three with a limited quantity of pizza. Thus it is an infinitely more valuable deal, though I think you will probably realistically cap out at maybe ten pieces, which cuts down the amount of value some.

The positives – compared to Shakey’s buffet, Round Table is equivalently or slightly cheaper priced despite the fact that the pizza usually costs about twice as much. I am not a big salad eater but the salad bar looked very well stocked, had chilled plates, and even had some pretty fresh boiled eggs. Unlike at Shakey’s where you will possibly have to camp out to get a single piece of desert pizza (last time I went we ended up splitting 3 pieces among 2 of us thanks to the demand) Round Table has a whole station of ooey-gooey cinnamon sticks.

The negatives – the pizza does seem a bit less delicious than usual – I don’t notice any step down on the Shakey’s pizza, but it was not as good to start with. Probably pound for pound the Round Table Pizza is still better pizza overall, but I still noticed. There was less variety in the food available – Shakey’s has some pizza, mojo’s, chicken, salad, and some pasta but Round Table was just pizza and salad. And, though the dessert was easier to get, it was not nearly as delicious or decadent as Smore’s Pizza. It’s also not open on weekends, so I can only go there at work-lunch, when I tend to diet or at the very least not have ten pieces of pizza. Still definitely worth trying if you can time it right!


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