An Epic Tale of Wine and Chocolate

Or at least it seemed pretty epic.

A few weeks ago we visited Sonoma and did some wine tasting, returning with a bottle of Sweet Sunset Red Chocolate wine, which turned out to be perfect for sipping while watching the Coppola restoration of The Godfather on my birthday. But by the end of the movie we had only an empty bottle. Online searches failed to turn up any place to easily procure more of this excellent dessert drink. But I did find the website for the home winery, ADS Wines, and it had a little “contact us” page, so I shipped off an email.

More than a few emails and phone calls later, ADS had put me in touch with a local distributor, San Antonio Winery, who in turn was able to arrange to have our very small order of five bottles shipped to us at the Wine Club, which is on my home. For less per bottle than we paid in Sonoma. Brilliant.

I was just looking for someone to tell me where we would go pick it up, and many companies would just tell you it’s not available in your area. But ADS and San Antonio went out of their way to help us out. That’s old fashioned customer service. Really classy. More companies should take their sales this seriously, even the small ones. I already planning on introducing other fellow wine and chocolate lovers to this great wine, but now I really want to give a general shout out to ADS wines, because they really went above and beyond the call of duty.

And I think I know what I’m having for dessert on Friday.


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