Fair Food – An Illustrated Guide

There is a hot dog in there, I kid you not.

Chocolate-dipped corn dog – this probably got the most attention of any of the fair food we tried, especially with the jaunty addition of ‘with sprinkles!’. I actually found it quite tasty – it took some concentrating to get good flavor out of it, but in the end the rich, fresh chocolate combined with the savory corn dog was a winner for me.

The most "normal" thing we ate all day.

Bacon grease-fried french fries with bacon bits: This was quite delicious, though maybe a bit lacking in a ‘wow’ factor. Taste-wise for me it was basically ‘20% yummier than average fries topped with bacon and cheese’. Basically just Irish nachos. Nothing wrong with it, but it didn’t quite have the ‘gross out the spectators’ factor.

If you consider this could feed at least 2 people, it's actually the best deal at the fair.

Giant corn dog – Basically a really big corn dawg. Always a favorite, though this year they seemed to be cooked a bit unevenly – they were a bit burned in places.

In case you were wondering how someone frys Kool Aid.

Fried Kool-Aid – Eh. I thought these were ruined by pouring kool aid mix on top of them – would you dip a donut hole in kool aid mix and eat it? This was basically a really fresh donut hole dipped in kool aid. Mixed, to say the least. Though Burgandy did like them.

Before digging in...










And after.










Fried Klondike Bar – I actually don’t really like the original fried fair food – the Twinkie – because the filling tends to evaporate, leaving you with just the cake itself. I was afraid that this would be similar, with hot ice cream surrounded by melted chocolate, but actually the ice cream was mostly melted but still cold enough that it was nice to eat. The contrast between the warm dough and cold ice cream was a big winner.

Yes, there's bacon in there - You're just going to have to trust us.

Deep fried chocolate bacon – this was much better than the plain chocolate bacon, which I had last year. This was super-delish, though it maybe cheats a little – with so much dough, chocolate topping, and whipped cream, it’s more of a yummy pastry with a bit of bacon inside than a bacon dish proper. Or so was my feeling.

When you see a booth called "Deep Fried Butter" with a sign like this, it's kind of hard NOT to try SOMETHING.


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