American Apparel Advertising is… Interesting.

I love American Apparel. If I had a larger clothing budget, I would own more pieces, instead of relying on Old Navy or Target for my basics. Yes, I know they are more expensive because they are actually (gasp!) made in the USA and based on my experience with their clothes they seem to be well constructed and hold up to the most cruel treatment. But what can you do? (Discussion about the state of the economy is a whole other less fun post.)

For example, I’ve owned this skirt for years, I’ve washed in an actual washing machine, and it still looks like new. Also, it looks really bad ass with a black shirt and a studded wide belt. Just sayin’.

But their advertising is… odd. In theory, most of their clothing is aimed at women in the coveted late teens to early 30s market, but their ads always seem more like they are aimed at young heterosexual males looking for a good time. Is this a clever ploy to get our significant others to buy us well constructed American made clothing? A bid to convince us females that plain basic clothing can be just as sexy as that super tricked out leopard print dress from Dolce & Gabbana? Or do they feel that the ladies who love the ladies market is so far under-reached? All possibilities, I suppose, but even these theories do not quite explain this ad:

This is a real ad. I kid you not.

I will save you from a potentially embarrassing Google search history: this gal is a UK porn star. This is like using Jenna Jameson to sell socks here. Not that this would necessarily be a bad idea. Or maybe it would be. I DON’T KNOW. That’s what hurts my head. Oh, American Apparel. You confuse me so. But dang… those are some sexy socks.



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4 responses to “American Apparel Advertising is… Interesting.

  1. I think you answer your own question… have you ever thought of tube socks as sexy before this ad? 🙂

  2. bonkasaurus

    Great Post. This is the second time I have come across AA ads as being overtly sexy and strange. Personally I find their clothes to be overpriced and their store to smell like a Goodwill so I am not a fan of shopping there but their clothes are definitely cute. Sex Sells.. ^

    -Bianca at

  3. Strangely enough I clicked on this post because there was a girl wearing a slightly open shirt on the website. Obviously I didn’t think about it at the time, did it unconsciously. I’m not a perv, honest (or at least I’m not any more of a perv than your average man) but it does say something about the advertising, obviously it works… on men, at least. Though why the fuck they’d aim it at women I have no fucking idea.

  4. Good to know I’m not alone on this one. Advertising like this works on me, but seems like it would be a turn off to most women. Or maybe they are just going for shock value to get free advertising from blogs like this… hey… wait a second…

    But the prices… yeah… I like supporting workers in the good ole US of A, but there’s a reason I’ve only picked up a couple pieces and sort of stare longingly at the rest.