Crepe Ideas

There is something about the simple crepe that inspires me to play with my food. Stealing a page from the playbook of local food truck Crepes Bonaparte, I devoted a Saturday to trying out some very non-French ideas out.

The cornerstone of my kitchen experiments is a crepe recipe of Alton Brown’s, which is available on Food Network’s website. I tend to make my crepes on the thick side, so I never get as many out of the batter as the recipe claims, but it’s enough to cover a sizable family meal. They are easy to make and since the batter needs to veg in the fridge for awhile anyways, I find these are great for weekends.

Idea #1 – Chicken Parma takes a trip to Paris

For dinner, I cooked up some chicken breast with Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, chopped fresh basil, and lemon juice. Then I stuffed the crepes with the chicken, coated it with some more of the cheese, folded up the crepe, and topped the whole thing with some marinara sauce. Served it up with fresh french bread coated liberally with butter and fresh crushed garlic. (Seriously, fresh herbs make all the difference to your cooking.)

Idea #2 – S’mores Crepes

Prep! It isn’t a requirement, but I highly recommend “toasting” your marshmallows by spreading out a good dozen on a cookie sheet, and putting them under your broiler on low for a few minutes – just until they get slightly brown and crispy on the outside. Also throw either some graham crackers or Nilla wafers into a sandwich bag and take your aggressions out on them until they are a yummy cracker/cookie crumb mess.

Just before the crepes were done cooking, we broke up a “fun size” bar of chocolate, sprinkled the bits on the crepe, then covered in about 3 toasty marshmallows and a light sprinkling of the Nilla wafer crumbs (no one in our house is much of a graham cracker fan). Then we slid them off into plates and covered in some hot fudge, more cookie crumbs, and whipped cream.

Both went over well at our house, so feel free to crib the idea yourself, or come up with your own crepe creations. Happy Eating!


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