DC Comics reboot

It says here that DC Comics is planning on rebooting their franchise. The author is in favor of a real reboot, but I am a bit torn. It has been quite a few years since I regularly read comics. I love them to death, but the cycle of comics all leading up into Big Events that cross over pretty much all other titles and add a layer of extra comics on top to read tends to burn me out, especially since every Big Event promises Big Changes, most of which are completely nonexistent or undone within a few months or years.

Comics tend to be cyclical, with waves of authors coming in and wanting to change everything  you liked about a character, followed by others who want to want to ‘fix’ the changes by making a whole new version of the character without all of the ‘baggage’ (the stuff you liked before), usually followed by the original character dying, then some starry-eyed fan of the original version bringin it back, usually with a great feeling of relief by basically everyone.

For instance, in my comic-book reading times I have seen Superman powered down the a more manageable level by the Crisis, adopt whole new weird powers with an emphasis on mind powers and invisibility in the 90s-ish times, get steadily powered up more and more until he was officially announced to be on the way to be as powerful as he was in the first place… and then I lost track of the character, so no idea if he is on the upside or the downside.

A bigger example is poor old Aquaman – he lost his hand and got a gritty attitude, then was replaced by some normal guy (with heavy hints he was turning into a Cthulu monster type), and then he died, and then… well, again, I lost track. Batman / Bruce Wayne was dead for a while, though I think he got better, but I believe I understand Dick Grayson is still the Batman. These examples are maybe a bit confusing, but this is my point – it’s all just strange. It gets worse, too – I have seen at least three events trying to Fix Everything for DC, and none of them managed to stick.

I like comics a lot. I think that superheroes are the closest things we have these days to a proper heroic myth, and I always wistfully look at Comiccon and say I want to go and by that  I mean that not only do I hope to somehow get tickets before they sell out but I also have this wish that I belonged at Comiccon, i.e. that I would actually read a comic once in a while. This reboot idea has prompted me to seriously consider at least picking up a few of the issues and seeing how it goes.

Though, on the other hand, there have been some suggestions of 52 new issues. There is no way in hell that I am bothering with 52 comics on one month, both due to the cost (those things are a few bucks each) or just wanting to bring that much paper in my house. So that part needs some work and hopefully DC figures that out ASAP.


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