Denny’s Maple Bacon Sundae Review


No sir, I didn’t like it.

That would be the long and the short of it (well, mostly the short).

There are people out there who would probably think a Maple Bacon Sundae would be pretty disgusting; I am distinctly not one of them. It sounded like a McGriddle, which is one of my mainstays for freeday/non-diet day shenanigans – bacon and sweet mixed together. Warm, tasty syrup, sweet vanilla ice cream, a bit of salty bacon for contrast… sounds just about perfect.

I was excited about it, if you can’t tell. Until it arrived.

Denny’s has some sad bacon, I must say. It was limp and not at all crispy, and maybe they had left it on the counter too long or maybe their ice cream is just sort of questionable, but either way it looked melted and sort of sad. That seems the best way to explain it – it just looked wilted. As far as the taste, I could see the bacon, but there wasn’t a bacon smell, and there was basically no bacon taste at all. I am pretty sure that if I took a normal ice cream sundae and poured bacon salt on it it would taste more like a bacon sundae than this did, even though it had bacon.

Anyway, it did not taste bad per se, it just tasted like vanilla ice cream with maple syrup added. Burgandy and the little one found it gross, but I thought I probably could’ve eaten it if I had been in the mood – there’s nothing inherently awful about vanilla and maple syrup, it was just sweet with nothing else to recommend it. So, for something that should have been a bit of an adventure, we ended up with blandness and borningness. Too bad!


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