Well, it IS a historical event…

I”m not taking the day off from work, I probably won’t be going down to our local British Pub to watch the goings on while eating bangers and mash (much as I love bangers and mash), and I most certainly did not get my teeth tattooed with the images of Wills and Kate, BUT I did set the DVR to tape the wedding while I get some sleep.

Given my love of nearly all things British, I’m kind of surprised at myself for not being more excited, but at the same time, I’ve kind of always related more to my Irish and Scottish kin than the English, and have never been much for royalty. Still, as with many other girls in my generation, I’ve always had a fondness for Prince William, and Kate Middleton seems like she’ll be a nice breath of fresh air in the royal line. (Besides, at this point, their kids will be 3/4 commoner.)

Yes, Kate was once a commoner like yourselves, but perhaps you will not find her so common now.

Haha. I couldn’t resist.

Marwhige might be what brings us together today, but I’m going to bed. Wake me if one of the Queen’s corgis attacks the wedding cake or something.



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3 responses to “Well, it IS a historical event…

  1. We are so loyal to the royal weddings even today – so deep rooted tattooed fashion and passion. Long live the Royal Weds!

  2. davidnscott

    It’s fun stuff… might as well at least glance at it. 🙂