I Am Spellbound

I don’t know how new or indie they are – they seem to have a decent following for an Italian Goth band – but they are new to ME, so I’m sharing the awesome that is Lacuna Coil with you. “Spellbound” (video above) is at the top of my play list at the moment, and their haunting cover of “Enjoy the Silence” is a nice change of pace from the endless Cure and Smiths covers that are a staple of so many goth bands these days. Also, they sound a bit like Evanescence, which I consider a plus since that band isn’t doing much of note these days.

Listen and enjoy!


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  1. davidnscott

    Video review-

    Good – the cinematography gives some of the energy of a really kicking concert.

    Bad – ADD cameraman! I’m not sure what the band really looks like because it switches camera angles or fuzzes out every five seconds.

    The ugly – camera microphone! wtf?