Ironically Winning – A T-shirt Test Drive

We were in Hot Topic, we saw the t-shirts, a HT employee made a hilarious suggestion that we get matching “Duh, Winning” shirts and wear them to David’s birthday dinner. This fit in well with our mutual love of matching clothes and annoying the hell out of people with our choice of attire. So the shirts were purchased and worn for the rest of the day (after a quick trip through the laundry). I wore mine with a fedora and striped socks, because Glamour says stripes and hats are “in”. David wore his with slacks and a blazer, because that’s just how he rolls.

Notes on fit of t-shirts – the guys seems pretty true to the tag, but the girls absolutely runs a size small and tight around the chest if you usually need a little “extra room” there. (I found it a bit constricting, but your mileage may vary.) Also, the girl’s shirt is crew neck (as you can see in the picture), and I hate that. A v-neck would have been better. (But then if all t-shirts came in v-neck, I’d be happy in general.)

But were we “winning”? Let’s see how things went.

My sister and brother-in-law noticed the shirts right away, got a good laugh, and greatly approved. #winning

My dad wanted to know what all this “Winning!” nonsense was about, so we showed him the “Winning Recipes” video on Funny or Die. He thought it was really funny. He is now a fan of Funny or Die. #winning

My shirt was just too constricting, and I wanted to wear a dress instead for our clubbing date night, so my shirt hit the laundry basket early. #notwinning

We go clubbing (hoorah for babysitting), but sadly, there is no reaction. I think it’s because David’s blazer blocked most of the shirt lettering. #notwinning

Despite this lack of reaction, we stay out late partying until 2am. This is hardly a “Charlie Sheen” night, but pretty good for middle class thirty-somethings with a kid. At least we think so. #winning

Because we are middle class thirty-somethings with a kid, we spend almost the entire next day sleeping/recovering from our clubbing. #notwinning

It turns out later we have caught my mother-in-law’s flu. #notwinning

Which leads us to taking a day off from work to recover from it. #sortofwinning

I come back to work to being handed the position I’ve wanted since last summer, a promotion, and a raise. #WINNING

Obviously, it takes some time for the tiger’s blood to seep into your veins from the fabric of the shirt and turn you into a Vatican assassin.

Or that last part was just totally a coincidence.


Yeah, it probably was.


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  1. What about me? I just had a headache on my big deadline day. And I wore the shirt longer. 😛