The Drink with No Name

Unlike the Man with No Name, the Drink with No Name probably needs a name, for it is does not involve whiskey, which is probably a required ingredient for any drink attempting to benefit from the coolness halo that surrounds Clint Eastwood.

I’m leaning somewhat towards “leftovers” since that’s how the drink came about. I had a hankering for a margarita, but lacked any margarita mixer. However, I did have some Espolon Tequila Blanco (an excellent suggested purchase by the cashier at BevMo),  a bit of Triple Sec, and some Midori. Close enough. I threw 2 shots of the Espolon, 1 shot of Triple Sec, 1 shot of Midori together. It came out a little tart – at David’s suggestion I poured in about a third of one of those little “mini bar” bottles of 99 Apples in there to sweeten it up. This turned out great, florescent green, and a good drink to go along with watching “Inception”.

But it needs a name. “Electic Eel”? Taken. “Electric Lizard”? Taken. I got nothing. I guess I’ll stick with “Leftovers” for now.



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2 responses to “The Drink with No Name

  1. It may need a mixer before deserving a name… 😉

  2. One of the main things I miss about living in California is BevMo.