Junior Mints Pastels

We enjoyed the Valentine’s Day Junior Mints, so when we saw these little Spring themed treats we had to give them a try.

Alas, they are not nearly as yummy. We were hoping for colored chocolate, instead the familiar creamy mint center is coated in what appears to be just a soft candy coating. This does not contrast with the mint nearly as well as the normal dark chocolate. Cloying is an appropriate description.

So, colored filling =win, colored coating = fail.

At least for us. I think we’ll stick to mini York patties until after Easter.



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4 responses to “Junior Mints Pastels

  1. davidnscott

    Yes, way too sweet. Bleah!

  2. Oh Jr Mints… my favorite movie candy. I’m still going to try these!!
    So I found your from a comment on Smartly and I feel like I have stopped by before. I’m a huge sci-fi (refuse to sype syfy) fan as well. My fave is Wheel of Time…
    Must know where that hot cocoa, graham cracker awesomeness is from in your header 🙂

    • Best movie candy ever!
      I hate the “Syfy” thing. Hope they drop that sometime. The Wheel of Time is huge among my geek friend circle, but I haven’t gotten past the first book – need to read the whole thing sometime. I was a big Mercedes Lackey nerd when it was really popular.
      The Smores Hot Cocoa is at Hash House A Go Go at the Imperial Palace hotel in Las Vegas. Don’t know if I’d recommend the food, but the cocoa is AMAZING.

  3. JoAnn

    Love these little mints, I don’t eat chocolate as it gives me migraines but these yummy little treats are perfect. Love the smooth taste without the chocolate. The only problem is I can only find them in one supermarket and no other stores carry them.