Second Suckerpunch Review

We needed two because I had such a different reaction to the movie than, well, everyone else who watched it with us last night, apparently, but most importantly, different than David’s.

Honestly, I liked Suckerpunch. I liked it in the way I liked the Matrix movies, in that while I agree there are serious issues with the details of the surrounding story and maybe the parts don’t add up to a cohesive whole, I liked the individual parts so much, my enjoyment of them at the time outweighs any issue I might have with the movie as a whole piece. Does that seem like a poor way to judge a movie? Perhaps. But I look at this way – “2012” was a giant waste of my time. When that movie was over I wanted that part of my life back. “The Postman” I just walked out of. This movie did not even begin to approach that level of disappointment. No, it didn’t live up to the awe inspiring “300” for steampunk chicks potential it had, but I enjoyed it right up until the last “real world” sequence, so I’m going to give that a pass. I’ve had alot of movies let me down at the end (heck, I’ve had alot of books let me down at the end…. *cough cough*Stephen King), so it doesn’t really bother me that much that the ending didn’t really match what I thought was going on, but okay, it was a bit confusing and a let down.

But, the rest of movie was really awesome. It’s been pretty rare that I’ve had a moment in a movie where I’ve felt that sense of childish delight at some sequence in a movie that was just really really cool looking. For me there is value in that, much like I enjoy playing many a fantasy RPG game that looks really awesome and has fun characters, even if the story makes little to no sense. The movie delivered in many a sequence on that point. The fight scenes staged like a music videos were especially fun. The music choices were really cool – I’m looking forward to checking out the soundtrack. Much of the music seemed to be the original tracks (I was much delighted with the samurai fighting scene set to Bjork’s awesome “Army of Me”, but the eerie rendition of “Sweet Dreams” that sounded like the Marilyn Manson arrangement with a female singer was both moving, and perfectly married to the opening sequence.

There was one other level where I really related to the movie, which I think is why I find myself so fiercely defending something that honestly was maybe a 6 out of 10 in my book – much of the movie touched on ideas and situations that spoke to me on a personal level. But the personal situations and ideas are, admittedly, so outside the norm that I could hardly reasonably expect a majority of others to relate to the movie on the same level. For me, the movie really took me back to a time when I had also suffered a bit of a nervous breakdown due to a deep traumatizing series of events that also involved a death of a close female relative, fearing for my little sister while dealing with a close male relative with evil intentions, and spending a short period of time in fear of being locked up in an institutional facility (albeit it was only a day, but still… these are not nice places to be), and I also coped with all these by having an active imaginary life where I wandered through dream sequence versions of events, which probably wouldn’t have made sense to anyone else if they had been filmed (even by Zack Snyder), wherein I tried to work out my issues in a world where I had cool superpowers, or more supportive friends, or just generally had more control and kicked butt. So the movie spoke to me on this level and dredged up many memories both good and bad, and for that, I was really glad I watched it, and was happy to see someone at least TRY to capture that onscreen.

For everyone else… your mileage may vary.

But *I* liked it. Any maybe you will to. I’d see it and make up your own mind.


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