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OK, I can’t turn on the radio without hearing about Charlie Sheen. And here is a great video.First disclaimer – it is always dangerous posting something like this a few days later, since most people will be sick of it. But, on the other hand, you never know who has missed it, so…. there here you go. Now, second disclaimer, we should not discuss Charlie Sheen without any mention of his real deal domestic violence in the past.

All of that said, the video convinces me of something that I have been thinking for quite a while – namely, that Charlie isn’t any crazier than any other golden spoon celebrity. I mean, obviously he is creating some large part of his persona on purpose, or he couldn’t spoof himself like he does. He lives a cartoonish lifestyle, sure, but then again it isn’t particularly weird – I mean, it is weird but blond porn stars and alcohol are surely not the weirdest appetites for a mega-rich dude to indulge in.

Insane people don’t come up with catch phrases like #winning and make huge twitter debuts and funny or die videos. Or, if they do, the internet stardom-attracting stuff isn’t how you can tell. I mean, if he tried to hang himself or jump out a window or showed up with no pants on in front of random houses… sure, okay. He has lost it. But I don’t buy that ‘tigers blood’ or being a ‘warlock’ is at all an indication of anything but good self-marketing.



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  1. I think Charlie Sheen’s greatest madness is that he seems to have been stuck with the maturity of a 14 year old. There is a part of him that is crazy in a bad way (like the domestic abuse issues), but most of the other stuff just seems like he’s feeding on the attention and playing the audience like a fiddle.

    • Maybe if I reply to your reply this website will let me post? I changed my “website” to a link to the Addicting game “Winning MaSheen”

      Thought you guys would enjoy this.