Battle Los Angeles – A Short Review

There was lots of action. Aaron Eckart is still awesome. Michelle Rodriguez is my girl power hero. The aliens look like the rough draft for the ID4 aliens. The plot made no sense. Imagine for a moment someone wanted to make a movie, sort of like Black Hawk Down, sort of like one of those first person shooters (I don’t really play realistic military shooters, but I’ve watched other people play them), but didn’t want to deal with the PC police over whomever they chose to be the bad guy, so they just used completely underdeveloped aliens with not very well explained motives instead. That said, the movie was fun. I’d rather see a nonsensical action movie that doesn’t pretend it’s got anything more to offer me than some crazy shoot em up scenes, than a pretentious art film that’s pretending to be deep, but, honestly, is just as poorly thought out and written (yes, I’m looking at you Black Swan). Is there really that much difference between the broadly painted military stereotypes of this movie and the “Oh, she’s the bad girl because she’s a dancer who EATS BURGERS! And SWEARS!” of Black Swan? No, there isn’t. So =P to Ebert.

Also =P to Ebert’s sexism when it comes to reviewing action movies. You know who wanted to see this move? My mother in law. The one that also made me see “Pride and Prejudice” and “Twilight”. And she loved it. So there.


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  1. Yeah… Ebert kind of phoned that one in. Especially since it’s almost a copy paste of the original Resident Evil review….