Valentine’s Day

What do you think of Valentine’s Day? I find it a bit of  a tricky one – if ever, a holiday was designed to sell cards and candy and nice dinners, this has to be it. We decided to have a no-drama Valentine’s this year (having no babysitting helped). The plan is to catch a nice meal this weekend and not worry so much about today itself. Love is something you should practice every day, no? Not that it is not good to have a reminder here and there – it is pretty easy to fall into the mundane.

I also think things like Valentine’s Day sort of implicitly embrace the idea that men should ignore women 362 days a year (excepting her birthday, their anniversary, and Valentine’s day) and then try to make it up on those days with big presents. Which is itself sort of strange – these days the gift is paid out of both peoples’ paychecks, no? And it is a little hard on the singletons – one co-worker of mine sounded on the brink of tears about not having a date today.

Anyway, I got Burgandy a little boquet and we got each other cards… the same card to be exact, with bonus oddness points for the card being on the ‘we match so well!’ theme. Hoorah for love, boo for polarizing people, meh for making us all buy candy and whatnot and Happy Valentine’s Day!



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3 responses to “Valentine’s Day

  1. It’s all pretty silly really. I’m not really a flowers or jewelry person, and we’re both on diets. But I love that we got the same card! It just proves how well we go together.

  2. LYT

    Kinda thankfully, V-day is Julia’s and my anniversary. Thus the date is meaningful regardless of greeting-card crapola.