Little Gold Men

It’s that time of year again! The Oscar nominees have been announced and now the collective internets will spend the next couple of weeks trying to guess who the winners will be. I actually haven’t watched the Oscars in many years – they seemed to be out of touch with what everyone was actually watching that year. The quality of a film seemed to be judged by how few people paid to see it in years past. This year’s inclusion of “Toy Story 3” in the Best Picture category might be a overcorrection, but at least it seems like nearly all the nominees are movies that either did decent box office, or at least had major buzz during the year. I’m hoping they re-release “Inception” as a result of its nom, so we can see it on the big screen finally. We didn’t go to the movies much this year, but at least 2 of the 3 movies I saw at a theater were Best Picture nods – “Toy Story 3” and “Black Swan”, even if based on my viewing experience, neither deserves to win. “Inception” and “True Grit” are on our viewing list, so we might squeeze those in before Oscar time, while “The King’s Speech” doesn’t seem like it will lose much on the small(er) screen here at home and is destined for the Netflix queue. Last week I would have said “The Social Network” seems like it’s going to pull an Oscar sweep just due to the end of year buzz, but it appears “True Grit” is going to be the dark horse candidate this year. (I haven’t seen a Coen brothers movie since “Barton Fink”, although I keep meaning to. We probably need to just have a Coen brothers marathon or something and get caught up.) “127 Hours”, much as I love Danny Boyle, just seems like it would be hard to watch, especially given our habit of hiking in the desert.

But the really important this is that you (yes YOU) could win $100,000 (or a piece thereof) if you can outguess Roger Ebert! (Or me. I might win! I MIGHT!)



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2 responses to “Little Gold Men

  1. davidnscott

    Wow, guess they took the ‘NOMINATE MOVIES PEOPLE SEE’ posts last year to heart, huh?

  2. It’s crazy… but it just might work!