Things I never knew I had to worry about

Here I read that a woman was paralyzed by a hicky. It blows my mind sometimes how the body can be unexpectedly fragile in certain instances. In general, we are pretty tough and keep on truckin’, but if something hits you in just the right way, you may go down pretty easily. The ‘cool version’ of this is ninjas with deathstrikes and old men who can break all your joints by grabbing you the right way, but the uncool version is stepping too far and spraining your ankle, or the time I throw out my back leaning too far to grab a mouse (the kind that make a cursor move, not one with a tail, that would be acceptable).

It reminded me of something that happened the other day. I usually start the morning with two boiled eggs. Except, one morning, I felt something odd in my mouth after eating. A little tongue exploration let me know it was a big of eggshell stuck in my gum, behind my front teeth. I have an overbite, so whenever I closed my mouth my tooth would hit the eggshell and create a sensation remarkably like hitting your funnybone, except in my mouth. I tried frantically to get it out and finally couldn’t feel it anymore. Circa lunchtime, though, I noticed my gum was a bit numb. I started sucking on it, idily and not really thinking about it, but eventually a jagged bit of eggshell popped out and ended up on my tongue – it had gone inside my gum.

Anyway, no serious damage done, but it seems like the sort of thing you could end up having to have surgery for or something equally drastic. Maybe I could have shared the ward with the hicky woman… assuming she didn’t happen to live in New Zealand, I mean.



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4 responses to “Things I never knew I had to worry about

  1. That was pretty freaky. I don’t usually think of eggshells as posing a huge threat. Or hickeys for that matter.

  2. If you find yourself beginning to “cluck” you will know how pervasive the damage. Meanwhile, I can’t help but remember the day we fished a gigantic (dead but whole) green beetle out of our 9-month-old’s mouth. Strange…one moment he’s sitting in his car seat laughing, the next he’s become an insectivore. Go figure!

  3. davidnscott

    Wow! Things I never knew to worry about, indeed… babies invisibly eating giant bugs…

    Seems like that should be a tongue twister –

    Backseat babies bashfully biting beetles?