Because Music + Science = Sexy

There was a time where we read A WHOLE TON of web comics. During one period in particular, I used to follow Questionable Content, Penny Arcade, Irregular Webcomic, Dinosaur Comics, and Dr. McNinja as soon as they could update (this is also known as my “professional copy editor” phase, which involved a lot of waiting for people to give me things to edit, during which I would read web comics). These days I just don’t have that kind of time, much as I would still recommend these to someone with more time than me, but there is one that I make a point to read every day that it updates – Questionable Content. QC is fun to follow because it involves all the humor and romantic hijinks of a good RomCom, but with indie music, bisexual goth girls, self-aware robots, goofy lesbian librarians, and other insanity that appeals to me because it’s written in a way that feels oddly real even within the confines of a sometimes completely off the wall world space. It appeals to me because the characters remind me of myself at times, or of friends I have known, and Jeph manages to capture situations that more mainstream comics/tv shows/movies just don’t “get”. He taps into an odd corner of the common subcultures (goth, indie, the sexual subversive) while keeping his characters “real” and not letting them degenerate into two dimensional stereotypes, and I really appreciate that. Also, Pintsize is one hilarious little psychopathic robot.

Also, also, I recently received a copy of Questionable Content Vol. 1, the book version of the first 299 strips, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is a fan of QC, or who wants to get caught up without sitting at a computer hitting “Next” over and over and over again. Plus, it has neat Jeph commentary and some of the strips have been redrawn in his current art style, which is kind of fun because it shows you how far he has come as a comic artist. (Hopefully he’ll come out with Vol. 2 soon, because there’s a pretty big gap between strip #299 and today’s comic, #1845.)



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  1. davidnscott

    It was fun… made me want to read the comics, even though pulling them from online is a lot slower… I’m up to 1200 now!