The most covers ever?

I don’t actually have time to research this right now, but it certainly SEEMS like “How Soon Is Now?” is the most covered song ever. Or at least the most covered goth rock song. With The Cure’s “Lovesong” being a close second. I’m pretty sure it’s a written rule somewhere that every goth band must record a cover of “How Soon Is Now?” at some point in their career. Or maybe it’s just because the song is so damn awesome and easy to make your own. I used it for an audition last year. (The T.A.T.U. arrangement posted above, in fact.) I think I rocked it. Maybe I’ll record some kind of YouTube video of me singing it sometime and you can judge for yourself. In meantime, enjoy the video above.

Actually, as a side story – I didn’t know the name of this song for the longest time, and back in the days before internet, MP3’s, and Sirius, I actually spent several weeks picking up every Smiths CD I could find until I found the song. It took me awhile, but I did end up with a pretty cool Smiths collection for awhile there. Speaking of The Smith’s, have you heard “Something is Squeezing My Skull” off the latest Morrissey album? It’s pretty damn awesome, too.



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6 responses to “The most covers ever?

  1. LYT

    I’d vote for “Come Together” as most-covered song ever.

    • That’s quite possible. I kind of figure the truely most covered song is going to be something from the 50s to 60s era of rock and roll, but it does continuely surprise me how often “How Soon Is Now” gets covered by up and coming goth bands. Oh! And “Tainted Love”! Although I really, really like the MM cover of that.

  2. davidnscott

    Great songs… and you definetely rocked that audition!

  3. davidnscott

    I wonder if How Soon is Now is such a widely-covered song since its about being lonely and misunderstood and feeling sort of alien. Seems like a pretty core experience, no?

  4. True. It also makes it the perfect goth anthem. 😉

  5. All the things she said… in Russian!