The rise of China?

Before I started my current job, I think you could call me China-phobic. Command Conquer: Generals with its three-way conflict between terrorists and the US and Chinese armies seemed like the inevitable result of current historical trends. Russia was old news and, much, like the new Fallout, had replaced the Soviet Union with China as the Enemy of the Future.

Thing is, I ended up working in consumer electronics. And, well, I learned that  people from China are pretty much just like people from America. I also learned how closely American and Chinese companies work together to provide products to Americans and keep American commerce running by providing the products people want. Sure, a lot of that money goes back to China, but a lot of it stays here, too. (Especially at Wal-Mart).

I have also learned that China is not as much of a juggernaut as you might think  – they do run short of money and need to keep their factories busy and their employees happy, just like we do. Also, even though the Chinese government may subsidize their companies, they also crush them under levels of bureaucracy that can make them quite uncompetitive. This article here shares some of my contrarian views, so I found it interesting. Though, on the other hand, Asia sure does fund a lot of our government, doesn’t it?

I find there are very few simple answers to issues this complicated.



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3 responses to “The rise of China?

  1. I still think the more Chinese workers are exposed to American ways of life, the more they will demand more rights and pay, and the business world will have to move on to another source of cheap labor. In the meantime, it is a complex symbiotic relationship, isn’t it?

  2. Glad you did! Pull up a chair!