Foot Candy

I’ve never really been much of a shoe person. If I have an option of not wearing shoes or at least wearing minimal shoes, I’ll usually take it. But at the same time, my feet tend to get cold quite a bit sooner than the rest of me, so I’ve taken to a habit of wearing comfy socks, which itself gave way to a habit of wearing knee high striped socks, or at least socks with fun patterns (but mostly stripes). A vast majority of this habit has been fed by Sock Dreams, and after I acquired a new pair of boots for Christmas, I took up placing regular orders with them again. At the height of my obsession a few years ago, I had my own portion of the household budget just for sock orders, which resulting in an entire drawer being devoted to, yes, my sock collection. I figure at least it’s a practical thing to collect – I’ve got everything from super soft toe socks for cold winter weekends to tough as nails military boot socks for hiking about in my Doc Martens. Any time I’ve introduced a fellow lover of socks to the site, they understand immediately. This is not just a sock store – it is pure comfy awesome in a website. Need a pair of grey socks with stars that perfectly match the cute tank top you got on sale at Target? Sock Dreams had that covered.  Need a pair of socks to announce your love of meat at Burning Man? Sock Dreams hooked a friend of mine up with that, too. Need gloves or arm warmers to match your nifty socks? Yeah, they got those, too. (They also feed my arm warmer obessession -and they match my socks! Squee!)

During my last order, I ordered a pair of pink striped socks to match a favorite shirt of mine, and ended up with the most comfortable pair of socks I’ve ever owned, in the form of k. bell “soft and dreamy” socks. My feet were happy for hours. I’m planning on ordering some more in different colors.

So… socks. If you’ve got to wear them, they might as well be comfy and fun, right?



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2 responses to “Foot Candy

  1. davidnscott

    A good selection.. and free shipping! Is a nice deal.

  2. I know. I’m a big fan of theirs too! I can spend hours gazing lustfully at their selection online.