Indie Music Pick – Gentleman Junkie

David and I first saw Gentleman Junkie on our first trip to a goth club out in Riverside called Club Skandal. We were really impressed with their sound, which reminds me a bit of Depeche Mode meets Scooter, with sometimes a heavier industrial influence. The track above is on the Depeche Mode end of the spectrum, and one of those tracks I could see doing well on KROQ if they ever got that kind of exposure.  We’ve since gone to gigs they’ve done at a couple other LA clubs, and even when the crowd wasn’t maybe the best match, they’ve delivered a good set, putting as much energy into  a gig where it seemed like we were the only ones dancing, to the ever packed patio of Bar Sinister. If you’re looking for some fresh goth or electronica tracks, they’d be a great band to check out.


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  1. davidnscott

    It’s good stuff! We have to see them again soon. If you like the sound on the channel, they sound way better live.