Cosmo? Yes.

Somewhere in my head there are reviews of the Eisenhorn trilogy, American On Purpose, and Good Eats: The Early Years rattling around in my head. But I’m still in the middle of Eisenhorn and the Good Eats book, and David is reading American on Purpose, so I’m going to wait on all those and instead do a review of random things from the January 2011 issue of Cosmo.

Cosmo is one of my girly indulgences. Like literary bon bons instead of bon mots. Also I used to enjoy listening to “Get in Bed with Cosmo” because Sara Benincasa makes me laugh, except they cancelled her, which sucks. So, onto my highlights reel of my monthly trip through modern girl nonsense:

Pg. 14 Nice of Cosmo to give you a 1 page summary of the issue, because sometimes reading an entire magazine that’s half ads is really just exhausting.

Pg. 28 What is going on with Chord Overstreet’s hair here? He looks like they made him stand in front of one of those giant fans they use in TV shows for comedic effect.

Pg. 40 Cosmo Confessions is my main reason for reading – been reading those since high school. They crack me up.

Pg. 42 Okay, Cosmo I don’t think it’s any surprise that there are more men than women in San Francisco, but I don’t know that it’s one of the top ten places for a WOMAN to meet a man. Just sayin’ is all.

Pg. 47 5 new style ideas that look like someone raided my mother’s closet for her skinny clothes from the early 80s.

Pg. 48 Okay, if I ever spend a $100 on a plain grey t-shirt, please put me out of my misery as soon as possible. Seriously, who does that?

Pg. 50 Apparently the same people who think $200 ankle boots are “cheap”. (I need to get a job as a writer for this magazine, apparently they are all millionaires.)

Pg. 52 No way! Guys think motocross jeans are hotter than giant shiny bell bottoms! Amazing! What would I do without you Cosmo?

Oh hell, just flip to the back and the do the quiz already. Am I an ATTENTION ADDICT? Yeah, probably. I’m writing a blog, aren’t I?



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2 responses to “Cosmo? Yes.

  1. davidnscott

    Nice that the summary starts on page 14 – I assume the first 13 pages are ads?

  2. Yup. Ads and the table of contents. Maybe the summary is to convince you that there really is something other than ads in this magazine.