Some Fashion “Dont’s” are still “Do’s” to me…

I think the fashion world is a bit separated from the rest of the world. Yes, this is not the most original observation. I am not talking about the fact that super-fashionistas wear the weirdest stuff on the runway or the fact that models sometimes look like space aliens, though – I am more thinking of the advice columnists give.

Take this article. Imitate the Kardashians? OK, I guess. Wear socks with high heels? Er, okay? Animal print? Sure!

But… it says raised hemlines and big cleavage are ‘no’s. Well… maybe in your next board meeting or job review. But in most cases short skirts and low cut shirts seem to work pretty well for people who wear them. I, and every straight guy I know certainly appreciate them. I guess we should all be looking for things more fashionable / modern, but as Amy Alkon likes to point out, the hourglass figure is pretty universally appealing in most cases. (I do think personal taste has more to it than she does, but even so I agree to a large extent).

I remember Burgandy’s fashion magazines used to post advice about how to hide your curves… personally, I think the best way to hide your curves is to not to do it, since the bobblehead look is a bit overrated. I have seen a few too many starved-looking actresses these days… sexual dimorphism is not a bad thing.


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  1. Yeah, seriously. Look at any woman perceived to be amazingly attractive in a comic book, cartoon, or other artistic rendering and they tend to not only be curvy, but dangerously so. Also, they tend to be wearing short skirts and showing lots of clevage. Just observing… is all.
    I guess really it depends on who your dressing for. A vocal group of women have a habit of dressing more for other women than for men. Which is… well… weird. Unless your a lesbian. Which is cool and all, but not really good advice for the hetero leaning female.