NOT our kind of stuff – pedophilia

It is hard to think of pedophiles as much more than monsters. The common perception (and, more and more, the legal reality) is that pedophile is an incurable condition. Once you act out, you go to treatment for life. In California, you end up on the registry. It is weird because part of me just instinctually reacts badly to that (punishment with no hope of parole) and thinks it’s unfair…

Or at least sort of deceptive. It’s weird to have a status where you can finish your term but still be punished basically forever. Seems like you ought to just change the sentence to life instead of having the current ambience. As is, seems like the judge and jury rule one thing and then the state does another. Of course, the people being punished include the absolute worst of the worst. I think of the ‘things that might make me snap’, something like this (or something much worse, not in the mood to troll for nastiness on the web) happening to my daughter is probably the absolute top.

So where is all this going? Well, a man who wrote a guide for pedophiles was just arrested for ‘obscenity’. I’m not much of a fan of people being arrested for obscenity, it seems a bit anti-free speech, as the arresting officer seemed to admit… but then again what else can you do in situations like this? Part of me hates the idea of someone being arrested for writing basically any book. But then again the rest of me is just glad something like this can be stopped.

It is a ‘principle of the thing’ argument to say that pedophiles should get nicer treatment by the justice system or that people should be able to publicize guides to pedophilia. It isn’t practical at all. Still though, I do feel like we as a country have leaned too far towards the practical and not enough towards the principle in the last ten years.


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  1. I am, as always, and for personal reasons, greatly in favor of the whole system for how the government deals with sexual predetors in general being overhauled. The whole thing is just a huge Frankenstein’s monster of laws and lists and inconsistant sentencing procedures. As a society we need to really decide once and for all how dangerous we want to consider an individual. Either they should be kept away from the rest of society or they shouldn’t. This halfway nonsense drives me nuts.