Can’t we do better?

I think our government is insane.

I am not referring to any particular governmental official – I am not an ideologue, having voted for first Bush, then Obama (mostly based on not liking their opponents, though Al Gore has grown on me a bit).

However, I think things have gone a bit too far and our government needs some help, mostly because of the lede I just saw – “a 1,924 page bill just died“. This is spending bill intended to fuel the government for the rest of the fiscal year. And it is apparently so bloated and complicated that it needs to be 1,924 pages long!

All of the rest of the world is growing more efficient, more connected, more high tech. And yet somehow my government can not put together a (partial) budget without it being a nightmare like this. Can you imagine? I mean, you know it is full of legalese and nonsense.

The best example I can think of? Click on the article and look at the  little book in his hand. It’s the Constitution! I have a little one like this around somewhere, it fits in your hand (as above). How much smaller is the Constitution than this monster of a bill they are trying to push through to keep the government running for a few months?

This is broken and has to stop, but probably never will because keeping the process so complicated hides corruption and helps Congresspeople justify huge staffs and salaries. Also, the dread beast inertia – ‘it’s always worked this way’. Still, we need to go better… Somehow.


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  1. It’s so true. It makes it hard to believe law makers even read these things before voting on them.