Tron Legacy – our kind of stuff?

I loved Tron (didn’t you?). And the sight of ol’ Flynn standing over his virtual world got me surprisingly excited.

And the update looks good!

But… I have to admit that I am getting a bit weirded out as time goes on. First, how excited can I really be to see the sequel to a 20 year old movie? I mean, sure, it’s not just any movie, it’s Tron, but still, there’s something odd about that.

So, I decided to fire up Tron and check it out again, let the little one see it. But it’s kinda gone. (Apparently this is old news).

Now you have Disney trying to hide the old movie, which is itself a midly odd concept… I mean, at least it isn’t another remake, something a bit more ambitious, but there is still something odd about it.

It’s not dominating over at Rotten Tomatoes, which does not have to mean anything, given some of the empirically bad movies I have enjoyed the hell out of over the years, but is a negative for sure.

(It doesn’t help that I’m a little burned out on Effect Movies after the agonizing Day After Tomorrow).

On the other hand, we got free movie tickets and the local theater has new motion seats, so I guess we’ll have to see for ourselves… Really wish we could get that copy for the little one to see, though. I’m imagining total confusion on her part.



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3 responses to “Tron Legacy – our kind of stuff?

  1. Even if it IS dated, why do a sequel if you’re going to bury the original? Of course, I have this same cognitive dissonance whenever we go on Splash Mountain at Disneyland – and here’s the ride based on the movie we burned… I mean locked away so you can’t see it anymore because it’s insanely un-PC. But isn’t that rabbit adorable?

  2. Just a quick recap.

    I have friends who have lots of movies. I SHOULD be able to get you a copy of the original TRON to watch…

  3. davidnscott

    Cool, would appreciate it. 😀