Like a New Box of Crayons

It’s been about 6 years before we first jumped head first into the world of online commentary. I like to think I’ve learned quite a bit in that time. What I like in a hosting service, what I don’t. We’ve been with Blogger for what seems like forever, but after playing around with WordPress for the last few months we’ve been contributing to Smartly, I’ve come to appreciate how much more… professional the tools feel here, so we’ve chosen to make our complete overhaul of our original site, Pererro, in a whole new sandbox. So far I’m liking it. It seems to be a lot of what I need to get the site up and running and clean looking, and not alot of what I don’t. (A widget to put a little digital pond of goldfish on my site? Nope, don’t really need that. Thanks.) I’m sure we’ll continue to play around with the look and feel of this place, so pardon the moving boxes for now. For example, happy with the pics in that little montage up there, but now I need to play around with the resolution. Which opens up it’s own new sandbox of playing around with the Microsoft Photo Editor and Paint. Also need to add a Facebook account and get Twitter up and running. Which always leads to their own lists of distractions. (I can see it now – “The Lime Truck is down the street? Break time!”) Anyhow, we’ll get it all figured out and try to keep you entertained at the same time. Fair?


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  1. Yes, the new site is much prettier. Tho’ I like the sound of virtual goldfish. And the banner is fixed now!