A new blog dawns (at 1 AM)


It’s been quite some time since I tried to blog with anything approaching regularity; though Burgandy has worked pretty hard at keeping the habit alive, I was feeling a bit reluctant to dive back in. I liked my old blog best when I had time to work on it during the day, and it’s been quite some time since I had time to do anything but, well, work at work.

But, it occured to me more and more that I missed having my own home on the web, a sort of central repository for ‘me-on-the-web’.

And now, here it is. I claim this site in the name of Mars, and all that.

Much more to come!



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3 responses to “A new blog dawns (at 1 AM)

  1. I love that pic! For Mars!

  2. jen

    Yay! I like keeping up with you guys via the written word…also we need to hang out!

  3. davidnscott

    Cool! And yes!!! We must!!